Firmly Rooted, Thinking Ahead


Firmly Rooted, Thinking Ahead


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Practice Areas

General Civil Litigation

Experience diversity in confirming legal traditions of brilliant advocacy

Our clients rely on us to resolve a broad range of civil disputes in recognition of our record making skills in litigating either simple or complex claims in multiple economic sectors including oil and gas, information technology, taxation, intellectual property, public procurement and administration. 

Our diverse team of resource minded experts in various areas of law ensure that thorough preparation and brilliant research on cases is never compromised. Our customer service promises to be friendly and efficient, and to understand and interpret client instructions in a manner that is culturally sensitive and creatively unbiased.

We have been involved in several landmark cases locally and cross border transactions acting on behalf of governments and their agencies, international organisations, business associations, politically exposed persons and several other individuals.

Firm Contact: Patrick I. N. Ikwueto SAN - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. /  Ifeanyi Mbaeri LLM - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Legal Documentation

Upgrade your personal life and business with purpose-fit legal documentation

Our experienced Solicitors deal with a full suite of legal documents for personal, business and compliance purposes. With a systemic attention to detail, here are just a few of the legal documentation we prepare on a daily basis; 

Legal correspondence on behalf of clients such as notice of intent to sue, letters of demand, invitation to negotiation or settlement.

Real estate documentation including conveyancing documents such as contract of sale and power of attorney, construction contracts, let/lease agreements, creation of mortgages, management notices in recovery of premises, legal aspects of property tax assessment and capital gains reduction, transfer of title in disposal of property.

Administration of private estate documentation including wills, codicils, trusts, transfers, receiverships.

Commercial and financial agreements such as loans, debentures, corporate bonds, suppliers' contracts, futures, foreign exchange, service level agreements, commodities trade and exchange.

Speciality agreements for various sectors including energy, entertainment, hospitality, oil and gas services, agriculture, environment. 

Energy Law and Resources

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Company Secretarial & Compliance

We manage a ton of paperwork so you can concentrate on your bottomline.

At Ikwueto Law Firm, We know how to give our clients the utmost advantage at competitive value. We work with small, medium or large companies, whatever your sector, structure or scale of business, to deliver practical, timely and responsive range of corporate services.

Our lawyers are actively engaged in registration of companies, regulatory filings, fulfillment of stock market requirements and continuing obligations, conducting investigations for companies, compliance check and monitoring, corporate governance advisory, conduct of General Meetings and Board committee meetings, negotiation with major stakeholders and minority shareholders, risk management and insurance. 

Firm Contact: Chinelo Ikwueto, BL - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.