Firmly Rooted, Thinking Ahead


Firmly Rooted, Thinking Ahead


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Foreign Investment Advisory Services

At Ikwueto Law Firm, you are guaranteed an end to end solution in lucrative and secure foreign investments.

Our law Firm professionals and expert partners are always available to assist our valued clients, and advise them on the most lucrative and secure foreign investments. We offer an end to end solution to enable individuals, groups or corporate bodies engage in diverse possibilities of direct and portfolio investments in Nigeria. Naturally, we ensure that when we utilize the services of any of our trusted partners, agents or commissaries, they are obliged to treat your business with the same level of diligence and confidentiality that we do.

As lawyers of confidence to the Embassy of Switzerland in Nigeria, we also take active part in facilitating Swiss-Nigeria and vice versa business opportunities and transactions.  

Firm Contact: Patrick Ikwueto SAN - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.